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Lansky - Quick edge Knife Sharpener

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Lansky - Quick edge Knife Sharpener


Lansky Sharpeners - Quick Edge Knife Sharpener which can be purchased for $4.99 is a must for the outdoors person, it is great for hunters and fishermen alike.

This knife sharpener has tungsten carbide type sharpeners with a very good roomy safety grip, such that it can be used with gloves on, and will accommodate the biggest of hands.

The tungsten carbide sharpening inserts are reversible and replaceable.

It is used simply by placing a knife on a flat surface like a table with the blade up. Then simply drawing the sharpener along the blade towards the tip with a few light strokes will put an good sharp edge back on the blade.

Like many other sharpeners the Lansky will put an edge back on a correctly sharpened knife, however will not easily sharpen a knife that has been abused or incorrectly sharpened to begin with. It was tested on a variety of kitchen knives as well as hunting knives, and found to be useful to use for example when skinning a deer to put the edge back on the knife.

One point in the operation of this knife sharpener like so many others of its kind, is it is important NOT to apply too much pressure, and to keep it even over the length of the blade, otherwise it chatters and causes minor serrations in the surface of the blade. So, it is not unique in this aspect, in fact many other sharpeners tested do precisely the same thing, it is just a point to remember with all of them, keep the pressure light.

This sharpener has had a great amount of forethought gone into it as far as the safety of the user is concerned. Many other sharpening devices are less well designed in terms of protecting the user and minimizing the risk of an accidental mishap, like cutting oneself.

In conclusion, this knife sharpener is a handy, light and very safe device to use, and at the price one a sportsman can ill afford Not to have in the artillery of tools.