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Laimas (with watermelon): FATE Brewing Company

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Laimas with watermelon


Tis nearly the season for pumpkin beers but big, orange gourds aren’t the only garden additives brewers have been known to incorporate in their recipes. Raspberries, blackberries, herbs and spices, apples, and even cucumbers and carrots have made their way into bottles and cans. But, for these waning days of summer, nothing refreshes quite like watermelon. Behold, Laimas (5% ABV), a Kӧlsch-style ale infused with pureed watermelon from FATE Brewing Company.

Color: Laimas is a pale, straw-yellow—like a shiny new brass button—with rocky white foam. One might say it’s 95% clear; there’s but an iota of haze.

Aroma: Indeed, this is a watermelon beer! The aroma of the showcasing fruit is quite apparent and becomes even more obvious after a few hearty swirls. Underneath it all is a malt backbone wafting scents of sweet cornmeal.

Taste: In a nutshell, Laimas tastes like an unsweetened watermelon Jolly Rancher. The Kӧlsch base is nearly lost in the melon melee but, the Kӧlsch-like bits that are noticeable consist of bready, corny notes along with a barely-there nip of bitterness. Some sweetness does begin to shine through in the aftertaste but, overall, Laimas is about the flavor of watermelon but not so much about its fructose. In fact, the sweetness that does finally appear is more akin to malt sweetness than melon sweetness.

Mouthfeel: Laimas is slick with the consistency of melted butter. It leaves the mouth feeling moist, not a dry finish at all.

Get it while it’s hot! The temperatures in Colorado are dropping fast and, before long, heavier, burlier beers will be the preferred beverage. Sweltering days will stick with the state for a few more weeks, though, and when those pockets of sun start beating down, beer geeks are going to want a Laimas in their hands. It’s the best way to say good-bye to summer.