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Ladyfinger (ne)’s third album “Errant Forms” streaming, in stores

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Ladyfinger (ne) - Errant Forms


Lyrics to the songs on Ladyfinger (ne)’s new album Errant Forms will blow you away, which is no surprise from a member of Saddle Creek Records, the same label that brought you such acts as Bright Eyes and UUVVWWZ. The radio-friendly stand-out “Dark Horse” on Errant Forms will break your heart with its twist ending, while “Meathead” pokes fun at your local neighborhood juicer with its satirical social commentary.

Ladyfinger (ne) channels a plethora of modern rock acts on their newest record. “Birds” has the makings of a quieter Foo Fighters, while “He Said She Said” is reminiscent of Bush with Queens of the Stone Age thrown in. The punk beginnings of “Poison for Hire” slowly morph into a guitar sound similar to that of The Cranberries, while a hint of Kings of Leon can be detected on “Away Too Long.”

“Galactic”, an enjoyable rocker, takes on aliens from other planets, while “Hole in My Sole” bathes in the warm glow of being anti-establishment, which goes well with Bright Eyes’ frontman Conor Oberst’s current solo project, Desaparecidos. Ladyfinger (ne)'s frontman Chris Machmuller claims on "Sole" that he is unable to understand “what you call rock ‘n’ roll” while doing a damn good job of delivering his own interpretation.

On the band’s return, Machmuller sums it up by saying, ““Ladyfinger (ne) is not in demand. Few are awaiting an upcoming release. There are no contracts to satisfy, nor schedules to maintain. No booking agent to pester. No publicist to rip us off. Despite these realities, or perhaps because of them, this album was written for the same reason as the previous two: The music was there.”

Check out a full stream of the album at Absolute Punk.

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