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Labor Day Movie Review

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Labor Day


Hope inspiring! This film definitely gives hope to those broken from love. It is proof that one may find love again anywhere and at any time. Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet are magic on the big screen. Kate plays Adele a single mother suffering from depression. Gatlin Griffith plays her son Henry and Josh Brolin plays Frank the escaped convict who changes their lives. The story takes place in 1987. The costumes fit the period. Kate does a great job capturing the sadness and despair of Adele. Her character has experienced such sadness and lonliness and Kate brings that out to the extent that it's relatable. Frank also has expereinced a hard life. He's a good man in a bad situation and Josh really makes us care about his character's plight. Their eyes tell a story and Josh and Kate tell each other's story beautifully.

Gatlin's character Henry has to endure alot. He does a great job. Alot of his emotions can be seen on his face. This film draws you in. The story is being told by Henry but we see the events played out. The flash backs of Frank's life especially are a bit confusing and hard to follow at times through out the film, like the scene where a young Frank meets his wife. The scene is confusing because there is no introduction as to what the scene is about or who the people are in the scene so it makes it confusing to follow.

Overall the film is very emotional and heart felt. It's not a chick flick but a flick for anyone who has a heart. It will hold your attention mainly because of the anticipation of Josh's character being on the run and the possibility of him being caught and sent back to prison at any time. It is a must see! It gets 3 out of 5 popcorn bags.