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‘LA Hair’ recap: ‘Taming of the Divas’ too tressed to be stressed

Taming of the Divas
Taming of the Divas

'LA Hair'


Guess who is back at Kim Kimble Studio after exiting last week with such dramatic flair? You guessed it – Lisa. But first, Anthony and Malaka are in need of some attention. Anthony goes into his routine of teasing and antagonizing as usual. This time his target is Malaka’s weave and all of this insulting prompts her to retaliate by wetting a few of his hair extensions. Apparently, weave wetting is a no-no in hair salon world. At least you don’t go around rinsing off other stylist’s extensions because you feel like it.

Malaka has now stirred up Anthony’s wrath and he compares the receptionist to her sister China. After hearing her name being repeatedly called in vain, China raises up. And before you can pull out the comb and brush, these two are armed with cans of hair spray and start an aerosol war.

When Kim learns of this display of foolishness, she drives them to a beauty college located on the “famous” Crenshaw Blvd in South Central LA. China and Anthony are not happy campers. The word for the day boys and girls is “professionalism” – get some. It’s funny how China and Anthony start bonding like brown gravy on rice now that they are out of their element, especially Anthony. He practically swears he’s never been past the foothills of Hollywood dahling.

Meanwhile, back at Kim Kimble Studio, Jazz and Dontay do a little role playing in that Jazz pretends to be a new client. The point here is to teach Dontay some chair-side manner since he tends to be a little too blunt with his clients. They may need to experiment some more.

Later, Kim turns the salon into a Grammy suite complete with flute-filled drinks, red carpet and hors d’oeuvres. Celebrity clients start arriving to get dolled up before heading off to the Grammy Awards. MC Smooth comes in to see Dontay. Singers Chante Moore and Charlie Baltimore are there for China, but time is short. Leah asks Terry to help out China. We heard Leah ask, but this does not stop China from eyeing Terry as if she was ready to pull out another can of hair spray. Thankfully, China keeps her cans to herself. This time she uses her words. China, Terry and Dontay are in the back but they might as well be out front as loud as they are. Despite Charlie Baltimore being pressed for time, China felt Terry should have said no. That’s right. So what if Charlie Baltimore is late? Geez! Terry didn’t steal your client. Leah asked him to help out. We can’t have celebrity clients held up over salon wars.

Finally, comedienne and “The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood drops by Kim’s chair for her big hair transformation. Interestingly, at the end of the show, the two who started out fighting – China and Anthony – were suddenly as close as weave and glue.

By the way, what happened to Lisa? Except for the first five minutes, she was noticeably absent. Don’t men want to look good for the Grammy Awards?

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