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‘LA Hair’ recap: “Hotlanta, Hair We Come’ Georgia on my mane

Hotlanta, here we come
Hotlanta, here we come

LA Hair


Get ready for some hair-raising drama down in the dirty south, but first someone has to bust up the fight between Angela and Naja which has spilled over from last week. That someone turned out to be Anthony which surprised Angela. She thought her friend (guessing Dontay) would be the one, but isn’t Anthony considered to be a friend also? Anyway, weave and eyelashes are falling out all over the place and insults are hurled like missiles. It is indeed some nasty business.

Kim has breaking news to share with her mom and sis. She is thinking about opening up a salon in Atlanta. With an upcoming photo shoot in Atlanta with girl group SWV on her plate, Kim pulls Terry and Dontay aside to share her good news plus invite them along for the ride. Somebody will have to work in her pop-up salon. Needless to say, the guys are excited about bringing it to the little big apple. Leah, not so much. Meanwhile, China and Anthony learn of this via eavesdropping.

Naja invites Angela out for a drink so that Angela can apologize for not allowing Naja to disrespect her in her own salon. Yeah crazy, right? It also didn’t’ happen…meaning, Angela did not apologize.

Kim, Leah, Terry and Dontay arrive in Atlanta and the next day, members of SWV arrive for their photo shoot. While Kim, Terry and Dontay are having a good time with the R&B group, Leah is starting to get aggravated with the grunt work dumped on her. She combs the city and finds a perfect pop-up spot for Kim Kimble Salon.

Over on the west coast, singer Akon drops by Kim Kimble Salon LA to see his favorite barber, Lisa, who tells him of her recent brush with violence involving Anthony. Naturally, Akon wants to holla at Anthony about this because all clients get involved in their barber's personal business and defend them. “Be good to her,” Akon warns. “She’s like family.” Stern words to live by, Anthony, stern words.

Competition between Terry and his local stylist partner and Dontay and his local partner heats up hotter than a Conair curling iron from Sally’s. Everyone is styling hair, selling wigs and making Kim’s dreams of an overflowing cash register come true. At the end of the day, it is announced that Team Dontay made the most sales and Kim quickly gushes about opening a Kim Kimble Salon in Atlanta. Yay! Cheers can be heard from all around, well except from Leah who points out:

1. They celebrated the sales but had not discussed the things that went wrong
2. Kim thanked the stylists but did not thank Leah for her part and hard work, and;
3. Kim never sticks around for the hard work. She’s liable to fly off somewhere and style some celebrity hair while Leah is stuck doing the grunt work.

Those cheers heard a moment ago have now been replaced with dead silence and stunned looks as Leach say a few more choice words and storms out the door. Leah – dream killer or truth sayer?

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