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‘LA Hair’ recap and review: ‘A Tale of Two Cakes’ just desserts

A Tale of Two Cakes
A Tale of Two Cakes

LA Hair


It’s a big day at Kim Kimble Hair Studio. First, it’s Lisa’s 21st birthday (wink-wink) and secondly, Naja won a place in the Guiness Book of World Records on the day before. So Kim orders two cakes to celebrate the occasions and Dontay quickly points something out to Kim. “Why would you order two cakes on the same day for two people who don’t like each other?”

Yeah stir that pot Dontay. He and Anthony feel Naja had her moment to shine the day before. It was now Lisa’s turn to be queen for a day.

Naturally, being reminded that she does not like Naja sends Lisa strutting back to her station. Naja approaches Lisa to say she does not have a problem with her. Let’s make peace. Let us break bread, rather eat cake together. Too bad Lisa doesn’t feel the same way. A little birdie told her that Naja has been saying some very nasty things about her. Namely, she looks like a man. Welled up with anger, Lisa tells Naja what she’s heard and asks point blank if she’s looking like a man right now. “Do you see an Adam’s apple?” Lisa asked.

Jersey girl Naja has yet to learn the art of refraining from making snide comments, leans forward and says, “Yeah, kind of.” Before you can say “wash and set”, these two adults get to squabing, windmilling, hair-pulling and fingernail yanking. Naja tops Lisa’s bun off her head and Naja loses a fingernail, which costs her a trip to Urgent Care. By the way, that sure was a good amount of blood spilled on Naja’s shirt from one detached fingernail. It gives you the impression that a whole finger came off. But before Leah drives the bleeding Naja to the facility for medical treatment, Naja makes it clear that Kim Kimble Studio is not big enough for her and Lisa. Ultimately, all this foolishness causes Kim to break down and cry. She can’t have clients coming in and being frightened off because they find themselves walking into a wrestling match. Never mind the day-to-day smack talk and arguing that goes on anyway.

Lisa packs up her things and leaves, but is she gone for good this time? After all, she has left before. Oh, this didn’t have to be folks. However, let it be a lesson to everyone. Having two cakes in a room is evil and is the true source behind strife in your life.

Lisa and Naja’s fight has worn out the other hair stylists to the point where they don’t feel like seeing the clients. So the new receptionist has no choice but to report this mutiny to Kim and Leah and this latest rebellious act raises more than Kim’s dandruff. It raises up her ire. If y’all can’t take the heat then step away from the curling iron! Get to work or get to steppin’. Follow Lisa’s example.

Still stirring the pot, Dontay meets with Angela to give an update on the Kim Kimble Khronicles, which usually has nothing to do with Kim but everything to do with her wacky staff. Case in point: The Lisa vs. Naja Smackdown. Dontay can’t wait to spill the juice to Angela who is enjoying every little detail. Why wouldn’t she? Angela is the one who told Lisa Naja said she looked like a man?

LA Hair” airs on Thursdays nights at 9/8C on WEtv.