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La Comedia is Alive with "The Sound of Music"

'The Sound of Music' at La Comedia through June 30.
'The Sound of Music' at La Comedia through June 30.
La Comedia

The Sound of Music


Yummy food on hot buffets, cute kids singing and top notch productions, these are a few of my favorite things. Lucky for me, they are all part of La Comdeia’s presentation of ‘The Sound of Music,’ which continues through June 30. It’s a truly exceptional show, meeting every standard set by the classic film. In all honesty, and I heard others in attendance utter the same, it’s the best I’ve seen at La Comedia.

It’s been several years since I’ve seen ‘The Sound of Music,’ seems like it used to be on television regularly and I’d often watch. I was surprised by the number of songs I remembered.
Being familiar with the music, makes the musical a much more enjoyable experience for me, otherwise it’s like going to a concert of someone I’ve never heard before. ‘The Sound of Music’ is a rare musical in which my interest doesn’t wane when someone is singing, but is actually heightened.

Whenever Maria (Sarah Amandes) sings it’s not only the hills that are alive with music, but my entire being. Her voice is magical and soars to the highest peaks of delight whether she’s singing the title song or yodeling ‘The Lonely Goatherd.’ Anyone who can make yodeling sound that good is blessed. Amandes’ portrayal of the Governess is pitch perfect in every single way. Her expressions, mannerisms and movements speak as loudly as her voice, and are also always right on key.

An argument could be made that the true stars of the show are the von Trapp children, all seven of them. They bring a high level of spirit to the stage and some very endearing moments. Very fast learners they go from knowing nothing about music to mastering ‘Do-Re-Mi’ in less than a minute. It’s just one of the multiple magical moments the von Trapp Seven provide with the use of only their voices. Unlike most children, you hate to see them go to bed, but it’s made easier when they sing ‘So Long, Farewell.‘

The level of excellence is maintained by Chris Kramer, whose quickly becoming a La Comedia favorite, has never been better than in the role of Captain von Trapp. From a whistle blowing, cold hearted father he transforms into a devoted family man as a result of the music that Maria fills his home with.

The entire cast is superb, but special mention must go to he oldest child, Liesl (Sarah Smith) whose beauty is way above her years, (she can sing pretty good too) and Michael Karraker as Max, provides most of the comic relief.

Completing the total package of greatness is the sets, which are structurally impressive. The van Trapp villa looks realistic and transitions are swiftly made to the Nonberg Abbey.

‘The Sound of Music’ will become one of your favorite things, it’s now one of mine. Satisfaction is guaranteed, no matter how many times you’ve seen the movie or other productions. ‘The Sound of Music’ continues through June 30. Call (937) 744-4554 or 1-800-677-9505 for tickets or go to