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"La Bella Mafia" encourages women to reveal their abuse experiences

La Bella Mafia


I had endured so much, I was beyond feeling anything. I had a crying angel tattooed on my back so it could cry for me when I couldn’t cry for myself.” ~Bella Capo

Through coming out of hiding to tell her story Bella Capo inspires everyone who hears her speak.
Houdini Publishing

That statement by Bella Capo whose story is told in the recently released La Bella Mafia is the unfortunate rule, not the exception for thousands of women, children and yes, some men. When books such as this true story don’t sugar coat events that really happened—events that exist behind closed doors of many homes and apartments not only in the United States but throughout the world—it encourages abuse victims to come forward with their own story. Those experiences have often been buried so deep, that reading or hearing about a book like this inspires them to talk about it. To know there are many others who have shared their pain and can offer support.

Bella's life was one as the abused child of a power broker with mob ties, member of a girl gang at age 11, running clubs and after hours clubs on Hollywood's Sunset Strip by the time she was 20, a white female boss in the Crips and finally founding the online movement La Bella Mafia to help and support abuse victims.

Actress/Activist Ali MacGraw wrote the Foreword to this book and her commentary validates so much of Bella's traumatic early life.

Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash of the Vegas Unwrapped radio show recently welcomed Bella as their guest. The hosts say,

“This is one remarkable lady. She has a presence about her that just inspires you to want to reach out and help someone. We need more people out there like Bella Capo whose sole mission in life is helping women in serious need. Congratulations on a most definitely inspiring book and movement you have created. Vegas Unwrapped has been blessed by your appearance with us. If you want to hear the interview go to Vegas All Net Radio, go to the Vegas Unwrapped page and listen to the podcast."

After that interview, the La Bella Mafia facebook page received many posts from women all over the world who did not know a support network like this existed.

Bella’s mentor Tony “Nap” Napoli, Author of My Father, My Don, formerly of the Genovese crime family says,

The story of La Bella Mafia is one that had to be told. And Bella Capo, who lived through tragedies beyond belief, is the only one with the knowledge, courage and integrity to tell it. Thanks Bella Capo, for sharing your journey out of Hell and toward Heaven.”

Without Napoli there would not have been a book. He encouraged her to come out of hiding and go public with her story and introduced her to her co-authors.

From Thomas B. Sawyer Author of the bestselling thriller, No Place to Run, Head Writer /Showrunner, of the Murder, She Wrote TV series:

“A single phrase from among the many memorable ones in this remark­able woman’s gripping, powerful, so readable story nails it for me, and will do so for most readers: “…I learned how to cry.” What a journey!”

One of the most amazing things, however, is when Bella or the co-authors speak to others about the book so many of the women have actually shared that they were abused as children or adults and many of them never had the courage to tell anyone.

La Bella Mafia is now available in trade paperback, Kindle and Nook editions. Throughout 2014 Bella will be participating in a series of Meet the Author events where she will be happy to answer questions, offer suggestions and inspiration and sign copies of her book. She is also available to appear by Skype. The schedule for media and personal appearances will be kept current on

Please contact Katrin at Houdini Publishing to schedule an appearance or event.


Morgan St. James is the author of 12 books including co-authoring La Bella Mafia and over 500 articles related to books and writing. Therefore, to eliminate bias the reviews above are by others who have all given the book 5 stars. St. James' latest book is Betrayed, a work of fiction inspired by true events involving kidnapping and human trafficking. Visit Now available in Kindle and will be in the Amazon Match program. She frequently speaks at events and on radio. Visit her website for more information, links to her books, appearance schedules, and more.

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