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Kyoshin Mochi

Strawberry & Blueberry Daifuku
Strawberry & Blueberry DaifukuAmanda Nance 2010



This Examiner's favorite side dish has done it again. That's right; rice has found yet another way to be delicious.

Last week, you read about sticky rice, a tasty Thai dessert. This time, the Japanese have found a way to make rice a dessert (well, to be fair, it's been around for a very long time). Mochi: flavored bean paste in the center of a cake of rice flour. It's simple, yet delicious. At a recent trip to H-Mart, I noticed some mochi advertised in the rice cooker section. Strawberry and blueberry mochi imported from Japan.

Traditionally -or so I hear from my Japanese co-worker-, mochi, or "daifuku" as it's called in Japanese, is usually bean paste with plain rice flour. This mochi is the opposite, but no less yummy. It is sweet and gummy. Who knew beans could be a dessert as well? Unfortunately, like sticky rice, mochi has a high calorie content (120 for each of these), so you should enjoy sparingly. Thankfully, one is all you need since they are barely filling.

This mochi definitely makes me want to explore my own recipes. Pumpkin mochi anyone?