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'Kung Fu Panda' reveals the heart of a warrior

Kung Fu Panda


In ancient China, an unlikely hero named Po must rise to embrace his destiny when happenstance chooses him to become the Dragon Warrior. Together with a band of warriors known as the Furious Five, Po must fight against a deadly enemy named Tai Lung and bring peace to the land before all is lost forever.

Dragon Warrior Po

The title of Dragon Warrior plays a significant role in this film in three different ways. For the Furious Five (Tigress, Monkey, Snake, Mantis, and Crane), the title Dragon Warrior represents honor. It is the title given to the student who had proven themselves worthy by having a true respect and understanding of the art of Kung Fu. Initially, the Furious Five do not accept Po because he does not reflect the same warrior spirit that they do. In the end, he earns their respect by proving that he is worthy of becoming the Dragon Warrior in his own way.

For the villain, a snow leopard named Tai Lung, his desire to become the Dragon Warrior did not stem from a place of honor and respect for the art, but from his own selfish desire for power. Like Po, he was trained by Master Shifu in the art of Kung Fu in order to embrace his destiny as the Dragon Warrior. Although he proved to be a powerful adversary, Tai Lung failed to understand the true meaning of the Dragon Warrior prophecy, and thus his ambition of becoming the Dragon Warrior was left unfulfilled.

Initially, Po does not understand what it means to be the Dragon Warrior because he is not a warrior. His clumsy stature and flamboyant nature contrast sharply with the noble presence of Master Shifu and the Furious Five. It was not his ability that allowed him to be chosen but an ironic twist of fate. When Po finally understands the true meaning of Kung Fu, he realizes it wasn’t his physical prowess or his intellect that made him a warrior. It was Po believing in the strength of his own heart that finally allowed him to defeat both Tai Lung and his own self-doubt.

"Kung Fu Panda" is a creatively written and stunningly beautiful movie that combines lighthearted humor with a deeply heartfelt message to create a truly remarkable story. With exceptional casting, outstanding martial arts moves, and a deeply emotional core, this film may be enjoyed by both children and adults.