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Kristen Bell and the gang are back on the case with ‘Veronica Mars’

Veronica Mars


When the popular series Veronica Mars was cancelled after three seasons it left fans with tons of questions. To creator Rob Thomas’ credit he even had a preview of what could have been on the season 3 DVD set with Veronica in the FBI. After years of talking about a possible movie Thomas and star Kristen Bell along with some of the original cast went to the web to use Kickstarter to raise the money to make it and shocked the industry by not only raising it, but in record time and then some. Now the film years in the making is finally here and has put Veronica back on the case, but was it worth the wait?

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Veronica Mars follows Veronica years after walking away from her past as a teenage private eye, but gets pulled back to her hometown just in time for her high school reunion in order to help her old flame Logan Echolls, who's embroiled in a murder mystery. Most of the time when shows like this finally hit the big screen you only get a few of the original cast members, but here they managed to get a wide variety of them back including all the main players including Jason Dohring, Krysten Ritter, Ryan Hansen, Francis Capra, Percy Daggs III, Chris Lowell, Tina Majorino, Enrico Colantoni, Sam Huntington, Ken Marino, and Max Greenfield. The film dives right back into the fun with a quick recap of the series that serves as both a refresher for fans and delivers just enough information to the newbies to make the film still make sense. The cast jumps right back into their old roles like they never left making it seem like the show was just on the air. The structure of the story sticks to the normal formula making it fell like a long episode, but still on a bigger scale. Everyone here clearly loves these characters and throws everything they got into it making the overall film a lot of fun. The story has some great pacing and is structured perfectly to bring everyone back together without feeling forced like most of these kinds of projects. In addition it lets the fans know what everyone has been up to without taking it out of the main story and helping to give the closer we have all wanted since the show was taken too soon. This film serves as a perfect ending to the series while setting it up perfectly for future films.

There are some great subtle dialogue moments that reference the Kickstarter and her original planned future allowing fans to remain satisfied. This is one of those films that works perfectly and will hopefully do well enough to allow them to bring more cases to the big screen, but could fall victim of just those fans of the show checking it out. With the quickness this film raised the money to get it made, lets’ hope the fans will stand behind the film and get out there to check it out on the big screen and prove that Veronica Mars is back bigger and better than ever and no matter what happens thanks to the fans, the cast, Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas for sticking it out and giving us what we wanted.

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