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Kreyolicious: From Haiti to Habitat to Humanity in Nashville, TN

Kreyolicious: Lifestyles Website


If you are into all things Haitian and happen to be looking for a place on the web to keep up with other people in a like minded groove then there is a place on the web where you can go. "The blogger who calls herself Kreyolicious (that is pronounced kree-ohl-lish-uh-s) has her fingers on the pulse of the lifestyle, music and pretty much anything to do with anything Haitian."

Events regarding Haiti
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People from all over the country, in fact people from all across the globe can and do visit them. It is like a one stop place to find out things about the culture, the music and everything else about the Haitian and Haitian American culture that you want to know. As a result people can easily make new friends and acquaintances here.

Not limited to only the website as well as and even over at Twitter There is even a sister site called that is filled with useful information. These are grand resources to review for people to use in looking for information from many avenues even perhaps folks looking to follow lineage lines and ancestry links back to their roots can find this site helpful.

You can rest assured that even those of you who simply are looking for a nice escape from the ordinary are likely to find something useful and entertaining at one of the sites listed and aligned with the main website.

It contains interviews with notable people and everything from musicians and actors the world over to the beauty queen Miss Haiti International Hermanie Pierre who is very active in such diverse areas as the Habitat for Humanity in Nashville, Tennessee.

There is so much positive energy emanating from these sites that you might find yourself staying and exploring more than you might have thought when you first land there. Much like visitors to Haiti often fall in love with the island and find they are enjoying more than just one aspect of the area once they arrive.

The websites and Facebook or Twitter locations are certainly great places to stop and enjoy when you are surfing the World Wide Web and enjoy a little culture rather than just mindlessly surfing. These sites definitely qualify as a destination more than just a quick stop and don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming back time and again to enjoy all that these communities have to offer.

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