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Kotobukiya's Chun-Li figure

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Kotobukiya Bishojou Chun-Li


Another line of Kotobukiya's bishojou series begins with one of the most iconic fighting game female warriors, Street Fighter's Chun-Li. While the series is officially the Street Fighter X Tekken line, the first two figures being released are Chun-Li and Cammy from Capcom's side. In comparison to the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 line, Chun-Li looks noticeably bigger in height and size when compared to her Namco compatriots. Rough preview sketches of the Chun-Li initially had fans and collectors worried about the face sculpt, but thankfully it was correctly during production and we are left with this awesome figure. Everything from the details on the costume, to the dynamic pose emphasize pretty much what we all know and love about our favorite Chinese Interpol agent. This figure was released back in January of this year, so it may be hard to find unless you look for her at conventions or online. But if you're a fan of Chun-Li looking to get your first or the latest addition to your collection, you should definitely be looking to add this figure.

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