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Kono's On The Green... Maui Restaurant

Lunch Special at Kono's
Lunch Special at Kono's
Photo by Gaia Best

Kono's on the Green Restaurant


Kono's on the Green in Kihei is becoming one of my favorite restaurants.

Part of the reason for this is the fresh fish specials. Today's Mahi was scrumptious and the previous time I held my women's networking group there a few weeks ago, the Swordfish was out of this world. I was calling days after that to see if they were having it again. Best Swordfish I can remember eating.

The presentation is five star, prices are good (Seven of us women had lunch there today), and there is something for everyone's taste.

I will add a photo here that I took today, so you can see how fresh and alluring my lunch looks with the crisp caesar salad and rice. I had plenty left over to make a nice light dinner tonight too.

Kono's on the Green is up off of the hwy. in Kihei on Lipoa and a short turn to the right above the hwy. at the golf course there. It's a beautiful venue and I see they are planning on serving up a Mother's Day buffet, so you will want to check out their website and call to make reservations as soon as possible as these special day buffets are very popular on Maui.

There will be a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and pupus (appetizers) on that website link according to Tommy, the manager.

You will enjoy this restaurant. I am told by the ladies in my networking group that ordered versions of the burgers there that they were terrific! They looked flavorful and hearty.

website link: go there and check out the menus... Enjoy!

Bon Appétit