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Koch is the new Kane: two thumbs up for Citizen Koch, the movie

Citizen Koch
Citizen Koch
Citizen Koch

Citizen Koch


One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." -Plato

I have avoided politics since the NSA tried to recruit me out of Russian class to a listening post in Siberia. I said 'no' to the job when my parents, owners of a cafe in a small town, shared the gossip. Apparently, various customers, including my kindergarten teacher, and the lady who lived across the street, told them that 'the government' had contacted them to ask them about my behavior. When I was five.

This invasion of privacy by potential all-powerful employers, in 1985, was too creepy for me, so I abandoned glamorous dreams of international espionage to finish college. Since then, enough has happened to make me mostly avoid having opinions on important political subjects. Seasons change, civilizations rise and fall.

Yet, there are some things happening that are no-brainers in terms of opinion. I'm deeply uncomfortable with war, violence, environmental disregard, and the perpetuation of harmful ignorance. I don't think they are necessary, and those who find them fun belong in rehabilitation.

The Koch Brothers are important because of their influence; the Tea Party is important because of its viral ideological ignorance, and Citizen Koch is an important movie for its explanation of these issues to the public. I made it a point to see this movie during its opening in New York City this June, just as I protested, alone with my dog (in clergy attire) outside the Esmerelda Palm Springs Resort during the Koch Brothers' Donor Summit earlier this year. I watched the black-windowed sedans rolling through and wondered who all the lost souls were. I didn't have picket signs or anything; I just walked back and forth in front of security, scowling as disapprovingly as I could muster, and setting prayers of intention that these wealthy people disengage from nefarious and ignorant plans for their money.

Well, now we know who the conference attendees were at least, though we don't know where they stand. One of the attendees left behind the guest list, which was printed in Mother Jones, and has been published below with a link to the article for the public's benefit, in case you, too, would like to know who is behind some of the madness all around us.

Citizen Koch, the movie, is a *must see*. Not because it's a great documentary. (It is.) But it's information you should have. Even if you think you know what's going on in the United States, this movie will likely open your eyes a little more, as they did mine. Even if you're already afraid of what's happening to our system of government, or if you don't want to know or don't care, go see the movie anyway.

The intruder is an ideology embodied by The Koch Brothers and the Tea Party. The Koch Brothers are part of the Tea Party and they are rigging elections and putting politicians in place throughout the country. They and their kind are up to no good.

It's our duty, as citizens, to see what's happening. To know what poison is cooking and make sure we don't swallow it, invest in it, or take part in its distribution. To inform ourselves and each other. To wise up and wake up.

It's a tough fight ahead - for our ethics, for our freedoms, for our own civil liberties and birthrights, let alone enough income to keep our homes and comforts, and enough enjoyment and balance so that we don't lose a healthy perspective. Some people like the Tea Party and the Koch Brothers think they know better than the rest of us. They are rolling right over the sleeping, couch-potato, burnt-out, pharma-fueled, overworked, TV-raised American public, bulldozing us.

So wake up, please pay attention, tell people what's happening, share the information.

Here is a link to where the movie is playing across the country:

Here is a link to the Mother Jones article:

Redacted below is a list of the invitees to the 2014 Koch Donor Convention.

Carl Berg
Ronnie Cameron
Charles Chandler
John Childs
Steve Clark
Jamie Coulter
Bob and Steve Fettig
Paul Foster
George Gibbs
Richard and Leslie Gilliam
Ken Griffin
John Griffin
Dick Haworth
Jerry Hayden
George Jenkins
Richard "Ric" Kayne
Dan Kirby
Fred Klipsch
Frank Kozel
Francis "Franc" Lee
Robert "Bob" Luddy
Hugh Maclellan
Kent McCarthy
Andrew Miller
Cecil O'Brate
Verl Purdy
Tom Rastin
George Records
Robert Rowling
Ted Saunders
John Schnatter
Tom Smith
Jaime Snider
Tina and Craig Snider
Dian Stai
Jim Stephenson
Jim Von Ehr
Debra Waller
Lew Ward
Dick Weiss
Dean Williams
Karen Wright

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