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Knowing More about Your Website With Ezee Rank Tracker

Ezee Rank Tracker


From the name it looks as if Ezee Rank Tracker is only meant to give you the ranking information of your website but this software does much more than that. It is capable of giving you a big picture of your website’s performance when it comes to SERPs and also the minor details that will inform you of the individual areas you must work on to get your website rank better. Several other softwares have been designed to perform this task but we haven’t seen a software as easy to use and intuitive as Ezee Rank Tracker.

The ease of use is pretty clear from the fact that you can tell the software to give you the graphs by specifying a certain timeframe. This allows you to know not only your monthly performance of the website but also during certain timeframes, seasons and events. For example, if you were running a campaign to target the visitors during Christmas season, you would like to see statistics about the performance of your website specifically during that season. This will give you a clear idea of how your marketing campaign has performed. From there you can extrapolate and make better improvements in your strategy and on your website.

Adding custom ranks on rank changes is another great feature that proves that this software has been designed with a concerned website owner in mind. If you are serious about your business and website, you will never let go even the tiniest detail that could give some benefit to your website. Putting notes on the rank changes allows you to know what made your website’s rank get better or worse. For example, if your website’s rank has gone down and you are now on farther away on search engine results, you can put a note on the rank change about the cause of this decline.

Such notes help you in knowing what actions proved beneficial to your website and what actions caused damage to it. Separate localization settings are also something that you might not find on any other software that is designed for tracking the rank of your website. This is a great feature for big businesses that operate internationally and have different websites for different regions and countries. Having the authority on separate localization domains will give you more control on every domain and allow you to take separate actions on different domains to make them more productive.

The number of keywords you can work on and get notifications of is unlimited. Furthermore, you get automatic and scheduled notifications on all of these keywords too. With the scheduling option on this software you can have the reports sent to you automatically at your specified times. This software is also coming with private and public proxy support. If you are an SEO company and currently working on projects for your clients, this software is going to be the best thing for you. Did you know that you could send ranking reports to your clients without even going through the hassle of sending process every time?