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Know The Family of Jesus

The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury


In Karen Kingsbury’s book The Family of Jesus you will meet six members of Jesus’ family, read their stories, and learn about their relationship with Jesus here on earth. There is his stepfather Joseph who protected him, his uncle Zechariah who waited on God, his aunt Elizabeth who believed in the impossible, his cousin John the Baptist whose life meant preparing the way for him, his brother James whose regret turned to joy, and his mother Mary who wanted to save her son from what she could not stop. The book also includes a five part Bible study for each character, along with group discussion questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the short stories in this book! I gained a whole new perspective on Jesus and his earthly ministry by seeing it through the eyes of his family members. I also see each of the people in this book in a new light especially John the Baptist and James; I see them completely differently now and have a better understanding of their role in scripture and the story of the New Testament.

I must say after reading the short stories I was a little disappointed with the Bible Study at the end. While it does give thought provoking questions and helps apply what you have learned through the stories, I had expected that it would give more insight into the characters. While that is there to a certain degree I had hoped for more.

On the whole, this book will give you new insight into scripture, the story of Jesus’ life, and his family members. I give it four and a half out of five stars.

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Soli Deo Gloria!