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'Knights of Badassdom' jousts with medieval mirth

Knights of Badassdom


Let's get this straight before I go any further with this review of "Knights of Badassdom", and that is that this new Indie movie playing this weekend exclusively at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, Pa. is a Comedy of horrors.

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Set up at first for laughs, before it reveals its true demonic nature and turns into a bloody but, mirthful mess. Our story begins with a group of friends who like Live Action Role Playing (L.A.R.P.), similar to one of those Medieval festivals where people dress, act and speak as if the world was still in the dark ages. Only this festival is full of heroic challenges, deadly battles and ultimate conquests.

Level 26 Wizard Eric (Steve Zahn), along with his squire Hung (Peter Dinklage), plans on unleashing awesome spells with a magical book he got from E-bay. Joe (Ryan Kwanten), his roomate, has lost some of his enthusiasm for these games, having just broken up with his girlfriend Beth (Margarita Levieva), so Eric and Hung conspire to transport him there anyway they can, and Joe awakes wearing a full suit of armor in the parking lot of the "Fields of Evermore". A place where regular people suddenly bear names such as "Sir Reginald" or "King Diamond".

In the midst of the silliness, Eric reads some passages from that book of spells and accidentally summons a blood-lusting succubus who starts stalking the woods, seducing and preying on the hapless members of this contrived kingdom. Soon, this band of loyal men must arm themselves with steel and get medieval on some she-beast ass.

Funny, although it does lack from a limited appeal. RPGs and "Game of Thrones" fans will certainly understand. However, those not in on the heavy metal music references or gory creature feature effects may have a hard time find these jokes amusing. Too bad for them, this film does indeed deliver mightily.