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'Knights Of Badassdom' DVD Review

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Knights of Badassdom


Joe (Ryan Kwanten) has broken up with his girlfriend Beth (Margarita Levieva) and he feels miserable. His friends come by and take him to the woods. They are going to go medieval on him, literally. They belong to a group who do medieval times reenactment . Sort of like dungeons and dragons gone nuts. Ronnie (Jimmi Simpson) is the leader of the group and does not care for Joe.

They are all out in the woods to do certain challenges to gain favor and prestige among their piers. Eric (Steve Zahn) conjures up an evil creature that starts to take the group one by one. Eric has used a 17th century sorcerers book and to be honest he really has no idea what he is doing, but man he does bring something terrible up from Hell. Here's the kicker it looks like Beth and for Joe to kill the beast he thinks he is killing Beth.

Now this could be a good thing. You see while out in the woods Joe runs across another character actor by the name of Gwen (Summer Glau). Joe becomes very infatuated with Gwen and does feel an attraction.

Fantasy and reality become inter-mixed on the Fields of Evermore for the confrontation of a lifetime. Now you have to understand that for the most part these people are using foam swords but for them to kill the beast it is going to take much more. Are they up for the task?

Eone is bringing this fantasy-reality action packed DVD to us on April 1, 2014. The quality of the sound and visual are the best. You can't ask for a more interesting and beautifully done piece of work.

This is one DVD that will fit perfectly in that library for it is entertaining and enjoyable to watch. So don't waste any time and pick one up this week and enjoy that mix of reality and fantasy as worlds collide.