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Knife sharpener by Gordon

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Gordon Knife sharpener


Knife sharpener by Gordon available from Harbor Freight at the astronomical price of $2.99 - ;-)

So how good can a knife sharpener be at that price? I should point out that it is a sale price normally $4.99.

Well turns out it is one of the best ceramic style knife sharpeners this reviewer has tried, and has the added safety feature of a substantial handle, making it virtually impossible for even the most klutze kind of person to accidentally cut themselves while sharpening a knife.

The design is the standard crossed two pieces of ceramic at the correct angle with the large handle. These are the finer grade ceramic rods, so will not sharpen an extremely dull knife with ease, however for a slightly to moderately dulled knife it puts an edge back on it in a couple of licks or a couple of minutes depending on the state of the knife. The handle of this safe, comfortable and easy-to-use knife sharpener features lightweight yet durable ABS construction, and has foam rubber on the bottom, the part that sits on a desk or table, so that it does not slip, another added safety feature. The device is made in China, and demonstrates a well thought out design with safety in mind.

This knife sharpener can be found here

Someone did a road test on youtube of this device and that can be found here