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‘Knack’: A beautiful mess

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Knack (PS4)


What should have been a great exclusive for the PlayStation 4 ended up being a frustrating disappointment. Knack is a decently fun game with cartoon graphics like no other but had its issues.

Knack has one of the longest campaigns for a linear game on the market today with thirteen chapters; however, each chapter has subchapters within them. The game certainly takes more than a couple of hours on any difficulty level. Playing on ‘Hard,’ which is the most challenging until ‘Very Hard’ is unlocked and it definitely took some time out of each day. It would have helped if there were more checkpoints. Maybe it’s because I was playing on a hard level, but it just seemed like too many times that I would die and be sent back way too far.

The gameplay itself was good and bad at the same time. Ratchet and Clank, which was developed by the same team, gave players a great arsenal of weapons to choose from and a large number of enemies to fight. Knack is essentially is a stripped down form of Ratchet and Clank. There are no guns and enemies come in tiny groups. There’s nothing wrong with developing a different kind of game, but it left me with an empty feeling. It was only punching a few bad guys then another small group then another small group. Different types of enemies were a common occurrence but they still didn’t make up for the lack of combat. And in addition to that, there are only three types of super moves.

Knack has the most vibrant colors of any game available today. Greens were ridiculously green and blacks were saturated immensely. Some might say the colors were over exaggerated but it adds to the atmosphere of each environment. In reference to the environments, every possible environment is experienced in Knack: arctic, desert, jungle are just a few of them.

Knack certainly did not live up to the expectations that many of us had especially for the fact that Mark Cerny, who helped make the game, also led the architecture design of the PS4. One would think that someone with that much exposure to the new hardware could have made a game of higher quality. Although Knack has an extremely long campaign and gorgeous environments, the gameplay is questionable; however, it does have redeeming qualities.