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Klink brings alcohol delivery to DC while Instacart places booze on hold

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Klink alcohol delivery


It is now official. Instacart, previously covered here, has confirmed that they are no longer delivering alcohol to all of DC and the new kid on the block - Klink most definitely is. When I asked the Instacart customer service rep about alcohol delivery I did not get a reply. Since then customer service at Instacart confirmed they do not deliver alcohol in the area at present. According to the Washington Post you can blame D.C. Alcohol Beverage Control Board for this travesty.

DC is a great market for app based alcohol delivery. Filled with people who are comfortable with technology and those who need delivery of grocery and beer/wine for last minute parties or get-togethers DC is ripe for implementation of ideas that capitalize on the so-called instant economy.

Given a vacuum created by Instacart's and Ultra's current abandonment of alcohol delivery in much of the DC area, the timing is right for Klink to make a dent in the hard to enter market of alcohol delivery. According to Vox Populi, Klink uses a network of retail partners and a smart routing system to fulfill orders.

The take-away?

Klink is cheap at only $3.84 for delivery in addition to the price of the alcohol (as of the date of writing this article), is fast (all my orders took less an hour) and surprisingly, at least for me, is cheaper than either Instacart that marks up the price of products and what you would get if you live in an expensive neighborhood. The company is new and is working hard to make a dent. Klink, without knowing who I was, gave me free beer when my beer was delivered late, and I have spoken to two of the founders - Jeff Nadel and Craig Bolz - as a regular customer (they were manning the operations when I ordered). I recommend them - give them a try and you won't be disappointed!