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Kitchen Thermometer Mini by iDevices review

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iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini


A true cook will know when his meat is done, or with a light touch she can tell if it’s rare, medium or well done. For those that take pride in the meals they cook, but haven't had time to perfect the culinary arts, they’ll want to use a thermometer to make sure the tri-tip or chicken is just the right temperature before take take it out of the oven. Regular thermometers offer an inexact temperature reading that can take many moments to read the current temperature, releasing valuable heat from the cooking area. iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini offers a small, accurate and cost efficient solution for anyone that wants to make sure the food they cook is remembered for weeks to come.

The Kitchen Thermometer Mini is so compact it can be put anywhere, whether it attaches to the front of your stove or on the side of a cabinet with the included metal coin and adhesive, it remains available and out of the way. Using Bluetooth technology it connects to an app on your phone and provides detailed information on how your food has been cooking or it's current temperature.
The app includes a timer, custom alarms, and preset temperature alarms for whatever you are cooking and how you well done you want it to be. The app also graphs how your food has been cooking, which is helpful if you are looking to find the perfect the slow or fast cook temperatures. There are also recipes in app that provide helpful ideas on what to make for your next meal.

The probe has a silicon sleeve at its end, so you can pull it out and put it in the meat without worry about burning your fingers or the need for an oven mitt. The probe also comes with a plastic ‘probe wrap’ that offers an easy storage solution. Thankfully the line for the probe is sheathed and is able withstand temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can leave it in the oven or the pan while the food cooks. This model only offers a single probe connection.

The unit, while very small and lightweight, does not offer a display to give a quick temperature reading, though the LED will give an indication once the food is done. It does require that you keep your phone on you for it to be truly functional, which can be a downside for some, but the Bluetooth connectivity is better than other devices in its class, and gives a more realistic 150 foot range. This device will also automatically connect with your phone when you get in range so there is no need to pair it over and over again.

You can use multiple iDevices thermometers at the same time and access them all in the app. This is helpful to keep everything in one place and see it at a glance. It also keeps everything in the same ‘eco-system’ and provides a familiar interface regardless of what or where you are cooking.

Overall, the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini is an accurate, cost effective and easily portable thermometer. While it’s small size keeps it from using a real display to give temperature readings, you’ll find the color LED on the unit and the alerts to your phone to be more than sufficient. The silicon sleeve on the end of the probe so you don’t burn your bare hands, and the probe wrap for easy storage are great additions as well. This thermometer provides and extra way for you to remain connected to what you are cooking without needing to leave your guest when entertain. It's a device that every kitchen should have and that you won't realize that you wanted or needed until you get one.

This is compatible with iOS 7, and Android 4.3 or higher.

If you’d like to purchase or learn more about the Kitchen Thermometer Mini you can take a look at iDevices website here.

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