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KISS Repair Complete repairs nails at a great price

KISS Repair Complete Manicure System


KISS Nails introduced four new nail treatment systems to drugstores this Spring. I tried out the KISS Repair Complete kit in an effort to fix the ugly ridges in my nails. The kit comes with three bottles; a base coat, nail tint and a top coat. First I applied the base coat. It filled in the ridges and had a matte appearance. Next, I used the tint. The tint contains keratin and Argon Oil and gave the nail a smooth, shiny look. I really didn't need the top coat, it was shiny enough but I added it for extra protection. I could feel a little pressure on my nail beds when the polishes dried. The box claims that the treatments are "breathable". My nails looked perfect and ridge free, plus the treatment lasted forever. It also prevented my nails from chipping. Overall, I was impressed with this kit. It did everything it said it would and at $7.99, was a great value.

KISS Repair Complete Manicure System, $7.99 at Walgreens.
Christa Emmer

KISS also has three other repair kits in this collection, KISS Cuticle Care Complete, KISS Strengthening Complete and KISS Growth Complete. You can find them in Walgreens stores nationwide for $7.99.