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Kirkland Signature California Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 - Big Bottle, Small Price

2012 Kirkland Signature California Cabernet Sauvignon


Membership warehouse shopping is always an adventure. You can walk in, armed with a shopping list listing a specific numbers of items, and before you know it you're walking out of the store with a plethora of goods that caught your eye along your route. Let's face it: we don't NEED five gallons of mustard, but boy, that price is so much better than the mustard at regular stores. If you had to buy five gallons of mustard at the store it'd cost twice as much as at the warehouse! How about 96 packs of fruit snacks? Or five pound blocks of cheese? Yep, it's all offered at the warehouse, usually at temptingly great prices. And wine is no exception.

If you journey to Costco, you can find a 1.5 liter bottle of 2012 Kirkland Signature California Cabernet Sauvignon for $7.99. A 1.5 liter bottle! Is it good? Can you serve it to company? You'd better believe it!

Costco's private brand, Kirkland Signature, does contain a large selection of quality items ranging from foods to bottled water, and this wine is thankfully one of them. It's ruby in color, with notes of cherry pie, cinnamon, and mineral on the nose. The palate contains unripe blackberries, coffee, violets, cherries, and leather. The tannins are mild, and the finish is smooth. It's not the most remarkable Cabernet in the world, but it's a pleasant contender. Enjoy with a steak.

This deal, of course, can only be accessed if you're a member of Costco. The yearly membership cost is high, but it pays off quickly. So go on, buy that 1.5 liter bottle and know you're getting a good deal!