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King Tut: Truck Driving Pharaoh

King Tut: Truck Driving Pharaoh (comic book)


OK, what could be the silliest, most entertainingly absurd thing you could write about? Nazi werewolves from space invading Earth? Nope, already done. Let’s see, how about King Tut Driving a truck, hum, getting there, but to make it truly unique, let’s factor in subterranean transgender vampires. Ah, now were getting there. Think we’re kidding you? We’ll we’re not, but if you are thinking of writing such a story, you’d be sure outta luck, because someone already got there first. No, seriously. Simon Sanchez the writer and madman genius behind Trauma Comics is already writing King Tut Truck Driving Pharaoh. The book is illustrated by Dean Juliette, and it is hilariously entertaining.

Yes, driving a truck!
Trauma Comics
King Tut Driving an 18-wheeler!
Trauma Comics

Trauma Comics is a relatively new comicbook company specializing in off-the-beaten-[path horror/action comics (its other titles are Nazi Werewolves from Space and Kung Fu Satanist). Both of which are, admittedly a tad…uh, unusual. Needless to say, King Tut Truck Driving Pharaoh delivers exactly what it’s rather unusual title promises. In the debut issue we meet the ubiquitous King Tut who has risen from the dead to discover that there are forces who want him not so much to rule the Earth anew, but for his blood! Now the mighty Egyptian King must battle a group of terrifying Subterranean, Trans-Gender Vampires for his precious bodily fluids if he has desire to survive in this new world.

This tongue-in-cheek horror book delivers this initial “horror” story in 28 pages in full color and with no ads. Evoking the feeling of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, we now have King Tut returned to the 21st Century and somehow trading in his chariot for an 18-wheeler. The story begins with the sarcophagi of the great King and his beloved wife being loaded up in a truck so as to be transported to a museum. While the truck is en-route, an acolyte stowaway of the King casts a spell and spills a bit of his own blood in order to bring the mummies back to life. The gent succeeds, unfortunately while he is doing this, the truck’s redneck drivers stop for a little bit of “extracurricular activities” with a pair of hookers. Only, as it turns out, they turn out to be those subterranean transgender vampires we wrote about earlier.

These undead creatures of the chow-down True Blood style on the driver and his pal then they head back into the body of the truck to do the same to Tut and his wife, only to find them already revived by their disciple. As Tut awakens, he discovers his wife already being torn apart by one of the vampires and that’s when things start to get really delightfully weird as Tut finds himself in a nest of the creatures who are really out for his blood. Aided by his subject, and his magical staff, Tut manages to escape from the coven of vamp, only to discover…well, that would be telling. Suffice it to say the quest for immortality gets even weirder from there.

Sanchez’s off-kilter, yet completely readable tale, sets the stage for what will hopefully prove to be yet another very entertaining series.


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