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Kindergarten is not so scary

Children's Book Review


Do you have a kindergarten student who has begun the adventure of kindergarten in "big school"? Many schools have started a new year this week, and kindergarten students are busy discovering their new classroom, new teacher, and new friends.

Read aloud fun
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"Kindergarten Diary" by Antoinette Portis is the perfect book for a read-aloud after a day at kindergarten. Annalina is starting kindergarten, and this is a scary thought for her. She is not sure that she will like "big school" and she thinks that staying in preschool is a better idea where there are little people instead of big people. Her first days of adventures prove that kindergarten is not so scary. The kindergarten students at her school even have their own playground.

Annalina decides to keep a diary. She writes about her new adventures every day until she becomes too busy with school to write. Young kindergarten students will relate to the writing paper that is part of the illustrations. The notebook paper background paper for Annalina's diary is just like real paper that kindergarten students learn to write on. The realistic illustrations are presented in a collage-like form.

"Kindergarten Diary" is also a great motivator for beginning writers who are starting kindergarten. Teachers can use the book to encourage new kindergarten students to keep their own diary about their school year. Kindergarten is not so scary after all.

This book was published by HarperCollins Publishers, and has an ISBN of 9780061456916. It is recommended for ages 4-8.