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Kim Kardashian poses in little sister Kylie's bikini in racy instagram photo

Kim Kardashian poses in a racy bikini
Kim Kardashian poses in a racy bikini
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian's Racy Bikini Photo


Kim Kardashian cannot get enough of the cameras or mirrors; The 33 year old new mommy posted a racy photo to her instragram page Wednesday (March 12) of herself in little sister Kylie Jenner's black bikini:

Quick swim before the Dash party!"

As if the public was not envious enough, Kimmy posed in her skinny, younger sister's tiny 2 piece bathing suit and the fans love it! The reality starlet never misses a moment to show off her sexy curves and post baby North body.

The tight straps hugged her breasts with a peek-a-boo center and ultra low-rise bottoms as she playfully mocked Kylie in the caption:

Yep stole Kylie's bikini...she's not getting it back."

Kim's minor fender bender in her Mercedes Tuesday is clearly just a blur, and with a Paris wedding to plan and invitations to send, some how the Kardashian favorite always finds time to let her fans know she still has it.

I wonder what Yeezus has to say about this!

Is Kim K. doing too much?