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Kid Rock's Fourth of July extravaganza in Tucson

Kid Rock
Kid Rock
©Mary F. Andrews

Kid Rock concert


A super-sized white curtain fell across the stage at Anselmo Tori Amphitheater on July 3, 2014 to mark the grand entrance of super-star Kid Rock. This was after the opening prayer, a pre-recorded message telling God that "with the power of music you have blessed us all," and asking for the strength to deliver a good show. After the explosive introduction, the curtain came down and the love affair between Rock and his audience began. The explosive entertainment continued for more than 90 minutes.

The best 4th of July party ever!
© M F Andrews

Kid Rock hails from a small town in the Detroit, Michigan area and started in rap music around the age of 15. At 17, he had his first record deal. Rock defies being pigeonholed in to one genre of music. In addition to hip-hop and rap, he has been very successful with Southern rock, country, and blues. This show aptly displayed everything in his repertoire of styles.

The afternoon had brought monsoon madness to Tucson and the crowd was ready to celebrate the rain as well as the 4th Of July. The deafening screams started with “Devil Without a Cause” and “Celebrate” and were nonstop throughout the show. Kid Rock stopped to greet the crowd. “For those of you who have seen us play before, welcome back! And first time family” With that more screams came and he addressed his higher Christian Being and said “you MFs live in a cave? I guess they finally let them fly off the trailer park! For you new ones, I’ll ease you in slow.” He proceeded to go into his hard rocking “American Badass.”

Rock’s Twisted Brown Tucker band was stellar. They were so intertwined with Rock’s vocals that it is easy to overlook the hard driving, pulsating instrumentals behind the super star. Also, Shannon Curfman shared the stage with Rock during the country blues ballad, “I Put Your Picture Away”. In addition to her own career, she sings background and plays guitar regularly for Kid Rock. Dave McMurray annihilated it on sax.

Rock took his customary turn on the turntables during "3 Sheets to the Wind," playing his alter ego DJ Bobby Shazam. He killed it with his major scratching skills and his Jim Beam toast to America.

Let’s not forget the pyrotechnics. After all it was the 4th of July. The show closer was “Bawitdaba” and suddenly upstage there were three very large sparkler displays, a loud boom sounded and the sparklers were replaced by flames! One could feel the heat in the front rows. The show was not just good. It was one of the best! It was the perfect close to the best 4th of July party in Arizona.