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Khare's debut single 'One Holy' a song of continual worship

Khare, One Holy


"Forever you're the same" resounds throughout the vamp of Khare's first single "One Holy" leaving you in a state of continual worship before the throne of God. Worship is not something you do only on Sunday mornings, but it's a lifestyle. Now Khare proclaims his passion of a life spent in worship.

Khare debut single 'One Holy'
Khare, One Holy, Indie Artist

Long before Khare Hawkins single released, he began laying the foundation for his life's soundtrack. At the young age of 14, Khare accepted his calling as a minister of God. Growing up as a youngster, he had seen his Mom labor as the pastor of their church and his father worked in the music industry as a VP at Sony Records. There was no wonder that at the tender age of four, Khare showed so much potential vocally. Music and preaching surrounded him and cultivated him into the man he is today.

Traveling around the world with renowned award winning Gospel artist Ricky Dillard and choir New G, Khare honed his vocals and gleaned knowledge from one of the best in the business. Stepping out on his own, Khare showcases all he has learned. His foundation set the stage for him to release his first single "One Holy". It's undeniable the passion Khare possesses and puts forth in his lead vocals. When a person loves what they do you can't help but see it. At one point in the song it seems as if he totally surrenders himself to the lyrics deeming the place he's in as holy ground.

Khare's future looks very bright because he has taken in and executed a great wealth of knowledge, a phenomenal song of worship has been brought to fruition. "One Holy" will quickly become one of your favorite songs to usher you straight into God's presence. If you haven't already, add "One Holy" to your collection. Purchase the single on iTunes.