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KFC's Double Down returns better than ever

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Credits: Elliot Levin / Queens Fast Food Examiner

KFC Double Down


Kentucky Fried Chicken's most infamous "sandwich" is coming back to restaurants, and it's tastier, juicier and more delicious than ever before.

The Double Down officially makes its return on Monday, April 21, but I was privileged to get one from my local Flushing KFC last night, with just a six minute wait for them to make it fresh.

Nothing has been changed from the original 2010 release - the Double Down is still two boneless chicken filet "buns" with bacon, cheese and special sauce in the middle. The first bite explodes in your mouth with juicy chicken taste, and the cheesy, saucy mix inside practically satiates you with one bite. KFC is not really known for their bacon, but the thin strips inside the sandwich add just an extra hint of unnecessary but much appreciated bacon flavor.

The Double Down improves on KFC's recent boneless chicken experiment, with each filet just thick enough to feel solid and support its toppings without overwhelming you with pure supersaturated grease. Each bite of my sandwich was a savory experience until the very end, and it took a not insignificant amount of willpower to refrain from licking the leftover sauce from the wrapper.

The nutritional information for the Double Down shouldn't be a complete bummer either - 540 calories is pretty reasonable, although the whopping 32 grams of fat and 1,380 mg of sodium means this should be a once-a-week treat at the very most.

I was especially impressed with the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken filets, and overall this ranked as one of my favorite fast food experiences of the year. KFC announced that the Double Down will be available for a limited time only, so I would encourage fans to grab one sooner rather than later. Sandwiches comprised of purely chicken, sauce, cheese and bacon just don't come around that often.

The Double Down will be available at all regional KFC stores on Monday, although if you ask nicely you might be able to get one as soon as this weekend.

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