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Kevita probiotic drinks pack a healthy punch and are not genetically modified

Kevita probiotic drinks


Kevita probiotic drinks, they are many things, flavored water, natural water, a probiotic drink that is very healthy for the gut, non genetically modified (GMO) beverages, but one thing that are not is a waste of your money. Many people will taste these drinks and scarf at the "not very palatable taste". However, if you are drinking Kevita drinks to heal your gut of damage done by GMOs or other issues with your stomach, such as a bleeding ulcer...then you are in the money. Kevita probiotic drinks get three stars from me because, although they are worth the money and worth your health, I would not buy these for the simple fact that one out of my case of 9 drinks was tasty.

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Merlyn Seeley
Kevita Probiotic drinks
Kevita Probiotic drinksMerlyn Seeley

They just did not appeal to me, in taste. They are a non-GMO company and organic, and a probiotic. For those reasons alone I would suggest these to friends and family that I knew needed them, medically and possibly just to stay healthy, I would caution them to the taste. They do not taste like flavored water. So if you are looking to get these drinks to replace your genetically modified water powders, that flavor water, then this is not for you. However, again, if you are doing it for health reasons, Kevita has all you can ever need to heal and remain healthy. If you are looking for the best one out of the bunch that is shown in the picture with this review, the Mojita Mint took first place.

Not with just me, but three other family members agreed that the taste was barely tolerable but the health offered up by them was worth it and that the Mojita Mint was best in flavor. I personally favored the Lemon Cayenne flavor best, but then again, I do love lemon flavored drinks and was impressed by the use of such a spicy pepper and that, alone, not ruin the drinks taste. Again, the mix of the lemon cayenne was simply amazing, I feel it showed their mastery in drink mixing, for sure. They are sweetened with Stevia, which, as long as it is pure Stevia, that is ok. There are products on the market, today, that use Stevia but modify it so that it is no longer pure, or healthy, for that fact.

According to the Kevita website, "Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that reside in the gut. Intestinal health depends, to a large extent, on having an ample supply of these beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Research indicates that probiotics may support immune and digestive health." As a natural living expert as well as a medical specialist, I know, for a fact of the health benefits that probiotics offer. I know very well about the fact of most of your health starts right in your stomach, so why not take care of that the best?