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Kevin Hart reigns as comedy king in 'About Last Night'

'About Last Night' is the next Valentine's Day classic


Under the direction of Steve Pink (‘Hot Tub Time Machine’), ‘About Last Night’ a remake of the highly successful 1986 story about the hazards of dating will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day.

Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Joan (Regina Hall) flirt on their date.
Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Joan (Regina Hall) flirt on their date.
Photo Credit: Matt Kennedy. © 2014 SCREEN GEMS, INC.,ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Love is more than a one night stand.

In this insightful, hilarious romantic comedy, four Los Angeles singles get a thorough workout in the ups and downs of today’s dating world. Loud mouth Bernie (Kevin Hart) invites his wingman, Danny (Michael Ealy) to accompany him on a non-date with his latest conquest, Joan (Regina Hall) and her bestie, Debbie (Joy Bryant).

Danny who is on the rebound from his previous relationship with Alison (Paula Patton) finds himself drawn to the smart and successful Debbie who is as skittish about relationships as he is. Unable to deny the chemistry, they end up falling into bed together that night …then another night, and another night.

But navigating the waters of relationships proved to be a delicate balancing act. It is not long before, the star struck lovers find that despite their good intentions and genuine feelings for each other, what started out as a casual and all-consuming intimacy quickly dissolves into the usual trappings of togetherness and monogamy.

The film looks at whether a relationship can withstand the criticism of outside forces (friends) and the monotonous routine of everyday life.

It is hard to infuse new life into a well-liked and successful story from the past. And comparisons are sure to be made. However, it appears that any comparison would not be fair since this updated version does not retract from the original but adds a new dimension to the story. It reflects modern times when the dating ritual is performed amongst a multicultural cast in the digital age.

And, once again, the king of comedy Kevin Hart as Bernie delivers a side-splitting performance. Bernie is a womanizing self-centered, foul mouthed salesman, friend and office mate with the mild-mannered Danny. Hart takes Bernie to another stratosphere as he spews inappropriate observations and ill-advised words of wisdom.

Yet, Bernie has met his match in the wild woman, Joan. The chemistry between Hart and Regina Hall is mind blowing. The timing sandwiched between the two comedians’ characters is flawless as they go toe to toe sparring and throwing barbs at each other, while forging a relationship rooted in crazy town. Hart and Hall (even the name has a ring to it) should seriously consider teaming up for a buddy comedy movie. Their hilarity is infectious and adds to the overall atmosphere of the film.

In contrast, lovers Danny and Debbie are stressed out as live in partners. Their characters embody the uncertainty that comes with a new relationship forged on unspoiled territory. For example, after Debbie moves into Danny’s apartment, she begins to make changes to his once minimalistic domicile. Her womanly touches (she adds decorative pillows to his bed) set him on edge as he stressfully tries to accept the change in his life. It is this doubt, fueled by Bernie that creates chaos in his life.

Despite the strife and trials between the couples, the innovative storyline weaves a tale that is destined to christen ‘About Last Night’ the next Valentine’s Day classic.

The ‘About Last Night’ sound track enhances the love story. It has fourteen songs that are comprised of classic tunes intertwined with love songs from artist such as James Brown, Nina Simone, Santana, Pitt Bull, Rhys, Bruno Mars, and an original song by John Legend, ‘A Million.’ The soundtrack is available on Columbia Records.

‘About Last Night’ is Rated R for sexual content, language, and brief drug use with a Run Time of 100 minutes. It opens nationwide on February 14.

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