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Kevin Hart and Ice Cube team up for Ride Along

Ride Along


Over the last few years Kevin Hart has established himself as easily one of the best comedians out there and has slowly been building up a film resume. Now he is stepping into the world of the buddy cop action genre and teaming up with original gangster rapper turned actor Ice Cube for Ride Along. Could this be the break through film Hart needs to continue his career or will this be a quick bust?

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Ride Along follows a fast-talking security guard who joins his cop brother-in-law James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order to prove himself worthy of marrying Angela, James' sister only to find himself caught in the middle of a dangerous game. When this film starts everything feels a bit clichéd and forced, but once Cube and Hart set out on their ride along the film picks up quite a bit. These guys have great chemistry together and make for the perfect team. Ice Cube gets the chance to play the hard ass, that he is great at and let Hart do all the comedic heavy lifting which he knocks out of the park. One of the reason he works so well here is that he pulls no punches when it comes to mocking himself and turns into some great moments. Sure there are numerous jokes that miss the mark or ones that will only resonate with certain people for the most part it works for what it is trying to be. Besides the two leads they are surrounded by a decent supporting cast that includes the always great John Leguizamo who initially seems to be left in the background, but quickly gets some moments to shine like only he can. There is plenty of action here to keep the fun moving, even if it is ridiculous at times, but you get exactly what you expect from this film.

This film isn’t breaking any molds in the buddy cop genre and actually plays up every generic aspect, but thanks to Cube and Hart manages to come off as more at times. Sure you have to be a fan of these guys to care anything about this film, but if you take the time to check it out then you most likely are and will have a good time.