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Keeping Love in the Air At Cava: The Only Tablao Flamenco Restaurant in Miami

Cava Tablao Restaurant


February 14 is long gone, but the celebration of love is one to endure throughout the month, let alone year.

In fact, many restaurants and businesses offer special deals and promotions throughout the month of February. The Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Center dubbed this as Miami Romance Month.

Whether single or taken, Cava is a restaurant you should consider for a “romantic” experience. As the only Tablao Flamenco restaurant in Miami, the authentic Spaniard performances are part of the dining experience. If not romantic, it’s definitely impressive.

The castanets, hand fans, clapping and chanting are all staged in the center of the restaurant to entertain guests with a professional show. These types of performances developed in Spain in the 1940’s, replacing the “cafés cantantes” (cabarets).

The unique show is attractive enough, but the food is also noteworthy, providing visitors what is known as the “True Taste & Feel of Spain in Miami.”

From tapas to steaks to seafood and rich soups, the food is an extension of the show, only in your mouth. Check out the menu here.

You can make reservations or simply attend their evening weekend shows located in Coral Gables, a historic Spanish-influenced area.