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Keeping food healthy and tasty: Shojin’s offers the best of both worlds

Front of Shojin Restaurant
Front of Shojin Restaurant
Esther Shin

Shojin Restaurant


Shojin serves food that is “gluten-free,” “vegetarian," “vegan,” and that uses “no refined sugar” and “no artificial seasonings” – oh, and it’s also incredibly delicious.

Most people don’t expect food to taste very good when it’s outrageously healthy, but Shojin manages to keep food healthy, fresh, and tasty.

The food served at Shojin is primarily inspired by Japanese cuisine – serving an extensive list of vegan “sushi” rolls and ramen, but Shojin also serves fusion dishes. From tempura to soups Shojin keep their menu fun and classy.

In terms of ambience, Shojin is dimly lit, with a nice touch of origami box lights strung across the ceilings. It is the ideal place to have a fairly lengthy and intimate meal. No one is shouting over anyone or being overly noisy, it’s pleasantly quiet and tranquil inside – a stark and favorable contrast to the loud and chaotic streets of Downtown Los Angeles right outside the plaza.

Although Shojin keeps their restaurant quiet and intimate, it’s still a great place to come in groups so you can order and share as many dishes as possible – there are so many things on the menu you’d regret leaving without sampling!

According to Shojin’s website, their mission is to be “impressive for [their] dear customers”, and one of their visions is to “offer a community place, helping [their guests understand the importance of eating habits to accomplish rich lifestyles.”

Judging from their service, and the food that is served, Shojin is indeed consistent with their mission statement and visions. Shojin reminds their guests that food can still taste great while avoiding ingredients that are harmful for one’s body and the environment.