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Kate Upton is good to look at, but 'The Other Woman' is not good to watch

The Other Woman movie poster
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The Other Woman


Some years the summer movie season kicks off even earlier than the first weekend of May by putting out something so big on the last Friday in April that it has to be considered a summer movie too. “Fast Five” is a great example from a few years ago. Today, April 25 the new comedy “The Other Woman” opens and stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. It should make respectable box office money this weekend thanks to a good marketing campaign and lack of competition , but it is NOT a quality movie at all.

Carly (Diaz) thinks she has finally found the perfect man in Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). That is until she discovers he is married! It could have ended right there, but Mark’s wife Kate (Mann) seeks her out and the two form an unlikely friendship. The two then discover he has been cheating on both of them with Amber (Upton) and all three of the women team up to ultimately find a way to take him down.

The most glaring problem with “The Other Woman” is that it is rarely funny. There is a laugh here and a laugh there, but it continually attempts and fails to bring laughs. You see scenes on screen you know is supposed to be funny and you may even try laughing at it, but it never comes natural. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann has a lot of scenes that would be considered psychical comedy, but it just falls shy of being laugh out loud funny as it should.

The fault of this has to be laid on the movie’s director, Nick Cassavetes. Cassavetes is responsible for such movies as “John Q”, “The Notebook” and “My Sister’s Keeper.” All are good movies, all are good dramas. It is not uncommon for a director who has made so many movies in one genre to want to branch out and try something new. Whether if they can find success in that new genre is something different and clearly Nick Cassavetes is not cut out for comedies. He does not know how to construct a joke. Imagine a standup comic on a stage who can never get a laugh when he delivers a punch line and that would pretty much sum up the job he did on “The Other Woman.”

As far as performances go, both Diaz and Mann are not in unfamiliar territory and delivers what you would expect of them. This role for Kate Upton is not demanding, so she does fine in her role. She looks spectacular and pays homage to another classic comedy in one of the better scenes in the movie. One person who deserves some extra recognition is Nicki Minaj who play's Diaz's assistant . She is not in the movie very much, but proves that age old adage, "There are no small roles, only small actors." She makes the most of her screen time and shows great promise as a future screen performer.

The good news is that the summer movie season is only one week away. 2014 has been a pretty awful movies overall and that has continued now right until the end of April with "The Other Woman." It is rated PG-13 on appeal for mature thematic material, sexual references and language.

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