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Karl Strauss Brewery Mosaic Ale

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Karl Strauss Mosaic


One of the latest releases from Karl Strauss Brewery is an India Pale Ale that is lower in alcohol that the standard-strength IPAs that are far more common. The American IPA style has been breaking the 7% alcohol limit as so many brewers push the boundaries in order to stand out. Mosaic is advertised as a session beer, as it's more typical to a beer that is meant to not weigh down, or wear out a drinker due to strength. This beer is named for the hop variety used, and is the only one in the recipe. This is a limited-release beer, but considering its success in competitions it seems likely for repeated brewing. This was a first-place beer in the California State Fair Craft Brew Competition this year, and also won a bronze medal the LA International Beer Competition. For the State Fair, this beer advanced far into the Best Of Show round, where it was competing with all the first-place entries, making it in the final one third (two thirds of the first-place beers were eliminated before it while the judges were choosing the Best Of Show beer).

This beer has a dry finish with an earthy and slightly resiny hop flavor. Slight citrus, and a somewhat light body to make it more drinkable. Despite the brewery using the style IPA in their description, this is along the line of an American Pale Ale, both in the hop character, and the 5.5% alcohol level. The brewery suggests food pairings like ahi or salmon, as well as Gorgonzola and Blue cheeses. This is worth seeking out for those that like beers such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Firestone Walker 31. This is currently available in 22-ounce bottles and kegs.