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Karin Herzog's Oxygen Sun and Finest Chocolate Cleansing

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Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun


Karin Herzog skin care is a must-use collection for those who are looking for a new brand. It is a world leader for oxygen-based skincare, and has been around for over 40 years. This company is based out of Switzerland and has only produced high end skin care. The line contains lotions, cleansers, body creams, cleansers, masks and even makeup.

I have tried two of the products in the collection, the Oxygen Sun and the Finest Chocolate Cleansing.

The Oxygen Sun is a face and body cream that is designed to provide optimal hydration, provide sun protection and maximize tanning. This is a perfect product for the summer. It contains a small amount of SPF (10), and is best used when layered on top of sunscreen. For the best results, use before and after sun exposure and at least a few weeks before being in the sun for long periods of time. Now that it is sunny everyday, this is my go-to product for the season.

*This product is available for purchase for $55.

The Chocolate Cleansing is a cleansing gel and makeup remover used to unclog pores and remove dirt/makeup from the skin. It even washes away my waterproof mascara! It is called Chocolate Cleansing because it contains cacao extract. It smells good and doesn't leave my skin dry. If you like this product, Karin Herzog has only products that also contain cacao extract.

This is also available for $55. Both products can be purchased online at