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Kamaole Poolside Cafe in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Photo by Gaia Best

The Best Food on Maui


Kamaole Poolside Cafe in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii is a hot spot for lunch.

But Melissa found us a table in the shade.

Vickie ordered what you see in the photo and I had a Rueben.

There is not enough time for me to explain how I feel about Dana and her restaurants on Maui.

I could sing her praises all day long.

Because research has taught us that readers want information and do less reading than ever, they just want to be "in the know" and so I provide that for you when I take the time to share incredible dining events and experience on Maui.

Kamaole Poolside Cafe doubles for an attraction.

The accommodations at The Maui Coast hotel offers shelter to travelers and often to AirLine Personnel.

I've made my way back there as I am a lover of music, however, this is the first time I went for the food.

Why? you ask. Because I know that Dana is behind the scenes, and when ever that is the case I know that I am in the BEST hands on Maui.

If you are smart, you will click on their website at:

And you will be taken care of throughout the Island Of Maui...

Be sure to pick up a copy of my book "A Photographic Journey, The Island of Maui".

The easiest way to get a signed copy is to contract

Subject line: Autography Your Book...

I have LOTS of copies of my book at the Best Prices.

So you can subject line: Gaia's Book. With 1,500 emails plus... I always respond to those as they are often time sensitive for travelers.

Dana: I am so grateful for who you are and your philosophy & successes throughout our lovely Island Home.

Everyone I know loves eating at any of your restaurants and I am hoping and praying that you move into Stella Blues Location. Myself and Everyone I know, has their fingers crossed.

Visitors staying on any part of our Island, Maui, have to eat at one of these restaurants and time permitting, all of them.

Dana has you covered from all corners.

Only the website can truly say it all.

I'm getting hungry, gotta go...

Rueben sandwiches, fish & to me from my refrigerator which is filled with leftovers from the various restaurants that you find here on Maui.

My personal favorites include all of these:

You need to try Ami Ami for Breakfast/Brunch. Maui Coast Hotel.... it's all about Dana for me.

She deserves our applause and a standing 10 star recommendation. I have never given more than a five star review, but see their website, pick a location, check the hours, show up, and you will thank me profusely for the rest of your time on Maui.

Oh Yes, and you will return. You can count on it.


Gaia Best

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