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Kaleido: Unbreakable AND Unstoppable

Kaleido CD release Unbreakable


When I met Christina Chriss in 2010, I knew that she was going places. I watched her as she fronted her then band, The Christina Chriss Band and the way that she effortlessly commanded a crowd and thought to myself that this girl is going to make it to the top. Fast forward almost four years later and my prediction was dead on! Christina currently is the lead singer of the band Kaleido. Mikey Eckstein, owner of Detroit Promotions Powerhouse Embarco Entertainment, manages this Detroit based five piece. They have played on the Warped Tour several times, opened for Kid Rock, Evanescence, The Offspring, and several other huge acts, performed at countless Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings games, played the infamous Viper Room, been named Best Rock Band in several publications, and the list goes on and on. On Saturday 3/29/2014, Kaleido released their new CD “Unbreakable” and threw a huge party at the Majestic theatre in Detroit and showed everyone that not only are they unbreakable but they are unstoppable.

Christina Chriss
Photo by Steve Sergent Photography

The opening act was Half Light Music, who I have had the pleasure of knowing since their inception but it had been a while so I was very excited to reunite with them and listen to their new tracks from their recently released CD Creative Differences. For those of you that have never seen this band, they are definitely worth it. Cheyenne Goff’s voice is unlike any other that I have heard. He can rock out and make you dance and the next minute sing the sweetest love song that makes you cherish your partner. A solid band consisting of Bob Cook (drums), Marty Yount (guitar), and Donnie Patty (bass) backs him.

After Half Light Music was Flint Eastwood, who I had heard of but never seen in person. This band was simply AMAZING! I have seen many shows in my day but this band was so upbeat, exciting, and fun to watch that I definitely will check them out again.

Kaleido was up next, and as Christina took the stage, blond and pink hair styled fabulously and sporting a black leather vest, torn t-shirt, and ripped jeans, the crowd went wild. Kaleido has not just managed to win the hearts of the 21 and up crowd, I spotted several little girls with pink clip on extensions trying their best to get close to the stage so they could rock out with their idol. Not only can Christina get the crowd moving, but everyone in the band Joey Fava (drums), Cody Morales (bass), Ronnie Rosolino (guitar), Jamie Burnham (guitar) are all exciting to watch. This band makes use of the entire stage as their high energy performance makes you dance and sing along right with them. After a few songs I looked around at the crowd and people were smiling and dancing and singing along and it made me so happy that I decided to come to this show but what happened next made my jaw just about drop to the floor. I am somewhat elitist when it comes to covers. I am that way because not everyone with a good voice can cover a song. Even when they make it their own, there is still usually something missing. When I heard the introductory chord to “My Michelle”, I thought I was just imagining it because there was no way that this band was about to tackle this Guns N Roses song that even Axl has a hard time with on a bad day. Then I thought that maybe they had a song with a similar opening? However, no…about five seconds later they began playing the song and my thought was “uh oh how is this going to sound?” I was blown away. Not only did they cover the song but also, they did it WELL! I was so impressed at the entire band’s performance and really enjoyed their version, which, is very rare for me. The rest of the performance was just like the beginning. They play tirelessly, engage the crowd, and encourage participation so it ends up feeling like you as an audience played a part in making the show a success. I have always respected Christina and the rest of the band because they are always willing to talk to their fans, sign autographs, and take pictures with whoever wants even when you know they are exhausted and just want to relax. It says something when a band is willing to do so and not only that, odds are if they met you at a previous show, they remember your name and what show it was where they met you. It is why they have such a huge following aptly named the “KaleidoFAM” again showing that they consider you family not just a fan or a faceless ticket purchaser.

Next up for the band, touring, touring, and more touring. They have plans to branch out of the markets they have been in to spread their rock/pop/dance sound to the rest of the country. Make sure you keep an eye on this band because it is only a matter of time before they are playing arenas.