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Kaldi's Coffee Bar

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Kaldi's Coffee Bar


Kaldi’s Coffee Bar is a down-to-earth coffee bar that is eco-friendly and hip. The atmosphere is friendly and calm. Urban and suburban dwellers can commingle with one another. Patrons get together and socialize; hold business meetings; and just chill. The table settings are wooden and lighting fixtures are made of coffee cups. Customers will not see any plastic utensils. The flatware and dishes are made from recycled materials. There are books on the shelves donated that patrons can read.

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If you love chocolate, get extravaganza. Extravaganza is a chocolate pastry with chocolate cream and an almond crunch base covered in dark chocolate ganache. The chocolate pearls finish it off. This pairs well with a white chocolate mocha latte. The mocha latte is smooth and creamy. The lime flavor in the key lime tart really stands out. It's very tart. The crust could have been a little more soft. The caramel cheesecake was a disappointment. To be honest, this examiner felt that it was just a slather of caramel put on the cheesecake.

For a savory plate, order the vegan caprese. It is just as good as the regular caprese. The vegan cheese is smooth and the basil is aromatic.The orange passionfruit iced tea is very refreshing; and it doesn't need any sugar because it is naturally sweet.

Kaldi's Coffee Bar brings the Silver Spring community together. It's a good place to hang out.

Kaldi's Coffee Bar, 918 Silver Spring Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910