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Kacey Smith "Country Girl," CD Review

Kacey Smith's "Country Girl," CD


When you find an artist that has successfully wooed and won a major worldwide name like Jack Daniels, you are likely to expect big things when you put a CD on your stereo.

Country Girl CD Artwork
2014 Kacey Smith

There are 11 tracks on this CD and from the opening lines of the title track it is obvious that this is the real deal and a definite southern girl that is not unlike the Jack Daniels that she represents. You could say she’s a little sassy and sweet with a little bit of a bite.

There are some nice toe tapping country tunes on here that tell the story of everything from unresolved love to kick your butt if you don’t like it attitude.

My only real complaint (if you can call it a complaint) is that there is a decided lack of slow ballads on the album. That is a mainstay of country music and this group of songs leaves us wanting more. It’s more of a party and good time CD and it works well in that context but songs like "Sometimes Love Is Not Enough," show off the finer details of Kasey’s voice and I think she would do well to add some more of the slower tempo tunes into the mix.

The songs are well thought out and well written for the most part and the listener will be hard pressed to pick any of them apart. The mix is not the pushed to the limit volume laden compressed wall of sound. The engineer and producer have chosen to give the songs room to breathe and that is quite pleasing to the ears in a time when Music City is striving to make the listeners ears bleed.

All in all this is 40 minute CD that is a must add to any collection. It is not as finely polished as a lot of mainstream Country CDS coming out of Nashville these days. The whole thing feels like a traditional country CD that has been brought into the modern era with the combination of traditional instruments from the Opry hay days to the new distorted driving guitars on the radio today, but that is also what makes the project so refreshing and this girl is showing that she can hold her own with the big boys.

I am rating it a 4 star only because I believe there should have been an official ballad or two on the CD to make it well rounded. This girl has a great voice and this is a wonderful CD.

Add Kacey Smith’s CD, "Country Girl," to your collection and I have a feeling it will find its way into your daily play rotation.

Check her out at her website.

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