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Kabuki Makeup Brush Set: Gentle cleaning for monitors, keyboards, and more

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Kabuki Makeup Brush Set: Gentle cleaning for monitors, keyboards, and more


Dust is the bane of all kinds of tech equipment. It obscures your view and makes coated components overheat. Most brushes sold to clean monitors or keyboards seem to be very good at pushing the dust around but not removing it. Makeup brushes may seem a bit odd for cleaning your tech toys but this high quality brush set from Bravolink does the job most efficiently.

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The brushes are available in 10 brush or 8 brush sets. Half the brushes in each set will be large, and typically used for applying foundation, Blush, Eyeliner, face powder and more. The large sized brushes are about 6.1" in length. The synthetic brush hair is thick and luxuriously soft and comes in rounded, angled, tapered and flat tips. The large brush with the flat end is particularly efficient at cleaning my flat screen LCD monitor. It removes the dust without stirring it up and tossing it into the air or leaving dust stuck in the corners and edges of the screen. That means that the dust stays gone for days instead of settling right back on the screen as it does with other cleaning methods.

The touch panel on your multifunction printer is another task that requires a gentle but efficient touch to clean around the LCD and control buttons. Again, the larger brushes did an excellent job cleaning the panel as well as removing the dust from the hard to reach recesses of the document feeder.

The smaller sized brushes, typically used for applying eye shadow, concealer, and more precise makeup applications around the eyes, are about 7.3" in length. The small Kabuki brushes come in round, angled, flat and angled flat tips. These smaller brushes will earn their keep cleaning the dust out the vents, case fans, and other hard to reach areas missed by compressed air cleaning inside your desktop PC.

Cleaning those potato chip crumbs and dust bunnies out of your keyboard is another time consuming task that will go faster with these small brushes. The are able to clean much of the dirt down between the keys of my standard Office Keyboard. A more thorough cleaning will require removing a few keys at a time to get at the debris hidden beneath. The small brushes work better than anything else I've used for this.

Brushes of similar size but lesser quality can be purchased from the drug store for $5 or $6 each but they will likely start losing brush hairs almost immediately. This is definitely not a problem with the Bravolink brush sets which provides excellent value for your money. They are beautifully made and maintain their soft luxurious brush tips even after being cleaned in mild soapy water. What better way to clean your precious electronic toys than with brushes designed to grace a woman's delicate face.

The 8 and 10 brush sets are available from Bravolink on Amazon in 3 colors. Black and gold, white and silver, and black and silver. Prices range from $19 to $23 per set. Buy the 10 brush set and share some of the brushes with your wife or significant other. You will earn some major brownie points and she will enjoy using the excellent makeup brushes for their originally intended purpose. Find a full assortment of Bravolink electronics and accessories for sale on Amazon.