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K-Cup Adapters for the Keurig Vue Brewing System: Proceed with caution

My-Cap Adapters for the Keurig Vue Brewing System and the K2V-Cup Adapter


If you have purchased a Keurig Vue Brewing System, you already know that Vue-cups brew a better, richer, larger cup of coffee than the K-cups used in older brewing systems. It's true that the Vue-cup beverages are slightly more expensive than K-cups but they are worth 4 or 5 cents more for that superior cup of coffee. The problem lies with the still limited selection of beverages available in Vue-cups especially in the tea and specialty varieties. Necessity is the mother of invention and there is now a way to brew K-cup beverages as well as your favorite ground coffee in a Vue Brewing System.

K-Cup Adapters for the Keurig Vue Brewing System: Proceed with caution
K-Cup Adapters for the Keurig Vue Brewing System: Proceed with caution

Before you get too excited, you should know that the Keurig Warranty says, in part, that it doesn't cover the use of parts, other than genuine Keurig parts. Keurig is still evaluating the possibility of introducing a My Vue Cup product similar to one that was developed for their K-cup brewers. Unless or until that happens they warn that 'Using unapproved portion packs or accessories may decrease your brewer's performance, overall life, and may affect its warranty.' With that knowledge, if you still wish to use K-cups in your Vue Brewing System, the following products will make that possible.

My-Cap has developed 3 unique products that will expand the use of your Vue Brewer to include K-cup beverages as well as a way to brew your favorite ground coffee brands in the Vue Brewer. Interestingly, each of these adapters was actually created on a 3D printer and are the first such products that I've seen.

The My-Cap Full Adapter for the Keurig Vue Brewer is shaped to conform to the Vue-cup compartment on the Vue Brewer. It fits only one way so it's easy to use. It's made of Nylon and is 100% BPA free. From the very first use, the reusable cup will start to take on the rich color of coffee which remains even after washing. This is to be expected. When switching from coffee to a K-cup tea beverage, I didn't notice any residual coffee flavor in the brewed tea. If that is still a concern for you, then you might want to purchase 1 My-Cap for coffee and another for Tea.

The My-Cap Full Adapter comes with a large pushpin, a cleaning brush and a small tool to help remove the K-cup from the adapter after brewing. The pushpin is necessary for puncturing the bottom of the K-cup so it won't build up pressure and explode in the brewer. That would probably not be a pretty picture. Simply turn the K-cup upside-down on a flat surface and use the pin to place multiple holes in the bottom of the cup. Then place the K-cup in the adapter and brew your favorite K-cup coffee, tea or specialty beverage. A single My-Cap Full Adapter is available for $14.99 or a 2 pack for $28.99 directly from the My-Cap online Store

The My-Cap Reusable Cap Adapter for the Keurig Vue Brewer is similar in shape to the full adapter above but not as tall since it is designed for ground coffee and not a K-cup. It comes with 50 coffee filters, an insert to hold the coffee in place when the adapter is rotated, a cleaning brush, and 2 caps of different (1 clear and 1 green) colors. The colors allow you to designate your brew as regular or decaf so you won't forget. You will need a new filter for each cup so you may want to purchase extra. A pack of 100 filters is $6.99 from the My-Cap Store online. The My-Cap Reusable Cap Adapter is also available directly from the My-Cap Store. It's offered in a 1-Pack for $14.99, a 2-Pack for $28.99 or a 3-Pack for $42.99.

The My-Cap Reusable Mini Adapter for the Keurig Vue Brewer is a bit different from the other My-Cap products. Instead of a nylon cup, it comes with a new unused travel mug size Vue-Cup and the tools you need to convert it to hold a K-Cup for brewing in a Vue machine. These include a nylon ring adapter, a large push pin for puncturing the K-cup and an O-ring which slips onto the K-cup. After you have enjoyed the Travel Mug cup of coffee on My-Cap, then follow the directions to carefully remove the leftover filter and contents to make room for your K-cup. Slip the O-ring on your selected K-cup and place it and the adapter ring in the Vue-cup and place it in the brewer. Toss the K-cup when you're done but make sure you save the O-ring for future use.

OK, the reality here was not quite what I had hoped. Did it work? Yes. Did I get a great cup of tea using a K-cup? Yes. But there was a problem worth noting. The nylon ring adapter did not stay in the Vue-cup once it was placed in the brewer. At some point, it fell out and landed down in the mechanism of the brew head. Then the K-cup tipped forward making it impossible to remove it when brewing was complete. The hatch wouldn't open. That Keurig warning kept flashing in my brain as I assessed the situation. It turned out to be an easy remedy. I was able to insert a plastic spoon in far enough to push the K-cup back into the correct position so the brewer could be opened. I removed the K-cup with a sigh of relief and then started searching for the missing ring adapter. This required the removal of the brew head which sounds scary but is very simple and requires no tools. Just press 1 button on either side of the brew head and slide it out. The ring adapter was removed with no harm done except to my fragile nerves. It was a good opportunity to rinse out the brew head so I did that before returning it to the brewer. The Keurig manual shows you how to remove and clean the brew head when necessary.

In spite of the little hiccup above, this is still the most affordable option for using K-cups in a Vue brewer and it did produce a great cup of tea. A small piece of foil wrapped around the top of the adapter would hold the ring adapter and the K-cup in place which is a simple fix. The My-Cap Reusable Mini Adapter is available in a single pack for $8.99 or a 2-pack for $16.99 from the My-Cap Store online.

All of the My-Cap products come with a detailed instruction sheet with step-by-step instructions and pictures to show you how to get set up and brewing quickly. All worked even better than expected in providing excellent beverages. There was a reference in the instructions about using 16 ounces of water to brew an 8 ounce cup because half the water would be retained in the K-cup. I ignored that instruction and made the K-cup with 8 ounces of water and I got an 8 ounce cup of tea just as I would with a Vue-cup. No water problem here.

Both of the nylon My-Cap cups snapped into the brewer very snugly. A bit too snug for my liking, which made them difficult to remove. You may need something with a small blade to slide under the edge of the cup and gently pop it off so you won't break the brewer trying to wrestle it free. Remember the warranty exclusions.

This final product is a bit more expensive but is an all-in-one solution to using K-cups or brewing your own ground coffee in a Vue brewer.

The K2V-Cup Single Serve Adapter for the Keurig Vue Brewer is compatible with the following Keurig Vue Brewers: V500, V600, V700, V1200, and the V1255.

The K2V-Cup is a 2 in 1 system which includes a basic adapter for using K-cups and another Eco-Fill reusable filter that can be used with any ground coffee. There are no pushpins or paper filters required. Just add your favorite K-cup or your favorite ground coffee and brew.

This adapter is constructed of an unspecified, brown, plastic-like, BPA free, material that doesn't retain the color or odor from any of the beverages brewed in it. There is a sharp needle device in the bottom of the cup which allows water to flow through the needle on the brewer into the K-cup.

Place the K2V-Cup on a flat surface and insert your K-cup. With the flat of your hand, gently push the K-cup into the adapter until you hear the needle puncture the bottom of the cup. The top of the K-cup should be flush with the top of the adapter. Put the adapter in the Vue Brewer, close it, and select your beverage options and brew. The K2V-Cup fits easily into the brewer and requires no tools to remove it when brewing is complete.

The Eco-Fill adapter for your ground coffee is made of the same brown, BPA free material. It is a small cup that includes a permanent filter and a hinged lid. Measure your ground coffee into this cup and close the lid. Then place it into the K-cup adapter. Again, the top of the coffee adapter should be flush with the top of the K-cup adapter. If it isn't, reposition it or the brewer will not close properly. Always remember the Keurig warranty exclusion and never force the brewer closed. Brew your coffee and enjoy.

The K2V-Cup is made by EZ Cup, a part of ARM Enterprises, and is available on Amazon as well as the EZ-Cup online store for $19.99. Look for a product listing that says "Upgraded and Improved since 3/14/2014." I bought mine on Amazon and I consider it money well spent. The K2V-Cup is my personal favorite but all of these products will produce a great cup of coffee in your Vue brewer for a reasonable price.