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‘Justified’ tv recap: ‘Kill the Messenger’ and anyone else in the way

Ava Crowder cornered
Ava Crowder cornered
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FX's 'Justified' kill the messenger


Episode air date: February 11, 2014
This week’s episode opens up with Art drowning his sorrows in bar with Raylan making an entrance. Only one word is spoken – Art. The next thing we see is Raylan’s face getting introduced to Art’s fist. That simple. That powerful. Cue in theme song and opening credits.

Meanwhile, over at the county lock-up, Ava (Joelle Carter) drudges through her dismal existence. She wouldn’t have to be there really if she hadn’t chosen to be a “ride or die” chick. Ain’t love grand? Out in freedom land, a moist-eyed Boyd Crowder calls upon an old colleague is his for help in providing Ava with protection while on the inside – the man’s sister, Gretchen. This is a decision he will later regret.

Raylan’s gal pal for the season, Allison, makes a welfare check on Kendall Crowe and is later driven off the road by big brother Danny Crowe. So now Rayland and Allison have matching bruised faces. Danny Crowe probably doesn’t have long for this world. He has intimidated Allison and just wait until bigger brother Darryl Crowe finds out that Danny killed his best bud, the Haitian. One can only assume the straw sucking Haitian was Darryl’s best buddy.

Boyd and Wynn Duffy meet with a Mexican drug dealer. Ava meets her cell mates (a group of manly looking women) in gen. pop. They approach Ava out on the yard, but quickly retreat once they spot Ava’s protection, Gretchen, advancing towards them. Oh no. Gretchen was a wrong deal, Boyd. He later finds out that Gretchen and her posse jumped Ava so this can’t be good for the brother.

Poor dumb Dewey Crowe apparently took Carl’s (Boyd’s missing henchman) cell phone by mistake. Boyd calls. Dewey answer. Leave it to Dewey. Gotta love him though. Well Land O Goshen, the Crowes and Boyd Crowder team up. Hide your money, folks. Hot Rod slyly warns Boyd. Raylan has a friend in Rachel. And in Harlan County, you can count on blood not being thicker than water.

The Best Line Award goes to: Raylan Givens when told he did not have probable cause to enter.

“If I suspect the man that owns this house is stuck in the basement, or worse given your family, is cooking in a pot.”

The Best Answer Award goes to: snarky little Kendall Crowe (love this kid) when asked why he was not in school.

“I don’t know. Some multi-cultural holiday or something. Greek New Year. Chinese Easter.

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