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‘Justified’ recap: ‘Whistle past the graveyard’ or how to get out of a jam

Justified Whistle
Justified Whistle
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Justified 'Whistle past the graveyard'


Air date March 4

After aligning himself with the three stooges, sorry, members of the Crowe family, Boyd finds himself in a bit of a pickle down in Mexico. By the way, what type of hillbilly fashion style is Dewey into? Seriously, what is with the cut-off denims and long-johns?

Back to Boyd, these must be rock hard times for Boyd Crowder having to resort recruiting this motley crew. Fortunately, Jimmy (no relation to the Crowes) understands Spanish so at least he is useful in more ways than one. In order to be released into freedom, Ruiz informs Boyd that he must relinquish the drug shipment and cash and there will be no further business dealings with this bunch of messy Kentuckians/Floridians.

Darryl objects, but Boyd, ever the businessman, comes up with another proposition and convinces Ruiz to have another word with Yoon.

Back in Kentucky, Kendal is walking down a road all by his lonesome with the exception of a black Mustang sidling beside him. The driver uses typical pervert pick-up lines such as asking Kendal to help him find his lost dog. But Kendal does not fall for Uncle Jack’s tomfoolery. That’s right. The driver is no stranger. He’s kinfolk and the next thing you know Uncle Jack, Kendal and Wendy are at a diner breaking bread together. Big mistake though. After Wendy comes out of the restroom, she discovers Jack and Kendal went all Thelma and Louise on her. She returns to Audrey’s and finds a big burly menacing looking man waiting and he’s also in search of Jack. She gives him the slip and calls Raylan asking for help. Raylan is at Alison’s begging her to accompany him on a trip to Florida, but reluctantly agrees to help Wendy.

While Darryl and Boyd ride comfortably in the box truck’s cab the rest of the crew create a mighty ruckus in the back. It ain’t easy traveling in closed quarters with rotting flesh in searing Mexico heat.

Jack and Kendal’s road trip is looking less like an adventure and Kendal confronts the lying Jack about what is really going on here. Raylan meets up with Wendy, insults her family’s bad name and ultimately set out to do his job. Marshals are tasked to finding people, right?

Meanwhile, something very interesting is happening between Jack and Kendal. The bright and observant teenager tells Jack, “You’re my dad and Wendy’s my mom.”

What? Well, it does make sense actually. Haven’t you wondered what was behind the affinity for the initial D in the Crowe family? Dewey. Darryl. Danny and may he rest in peace, Dilly. Wendy’s name choice may be different because she’s a girl. She gets to break free from tradition and name her kid whatever she wants – Kendal. And Jack, well he’s not a Crowe.
Ava suffers an “injury” in prison. It’s a hard knock life.
Wendy confesses to Raylan that Kendal is her tad. Team Crowder-Crowe gets pulled over by cops and what do they claim to be transporting? Bibles of all things. Kendal and Wendy have an awkward mother/son moment-reunion.
Ava makes another alliance in prison. It is indeed a hard knock life.
Raylan has a touching moment with Kendal. Sure, the kid doesn’t appreciate it now, but hopefully he will some day. His uncles sure aren’t good role models. And Alison breaks up with Raylan. Come on. You know you saw that coming.
Watch ‘Justified’ on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on FX.

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