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Justice League United #1 review

Justice League United #1


A new comic book came out this week, Justice League United #1. This comic is written by Jeff Lemire with art and cover art by Mike McKone. Justice League United is make up of Animal Man, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and Stargirl. They are located in Canada for the time being, but we also see Hankman fighting Lobo on The Moon of Thalsalla.

What are your thoughts on this comic?

I don't know much about these characters other than Green Arrow, so gong into this book was kinda hard. I would definitely say this is not a good read for new comers. They don't give you any kind of back story behind the characters, so you have to just read and hope you catch on, which I didn't. I know who the characters are but I don't know their story so it was hard to follow along. I'm sure it's not the same for someone who knows these characters a little better.

This story just jumps into action. There's nothing really telling you whats going on, other than the fact that they are fighting this huge thing that we do find out was a failed experiment. Then out of no where they end up on another planet, just like that, just out of no where. Then there's this guy with a baby coming out of his mouth and they call this baby Ultra, the multi-alien, The Slayer of Worlds.

I have to say I don't know if I will be reading this comic again. I just didn't feel like they started it off very well. I believe all 1st issues should help the reader get into the story and help them understand whats going on and this one didn't do that for me. What are your thoughts on this comic if you've read it? Do you feel the same way I do about 1st issues?