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Justice League United #0 takes readers to Canada

Justice League United #0 takes readers to Canada-slide0
DC Comics

Justice League United #0 Comic Book


DC Comics looks to broaden its cultural horizons again through the launch of their newest monthly series entitled Justice League United. Issue #0 of the series features the debut appearance of the first Native American/First Nation super hero. Equinox is her name and she is what's called a Cree from Canada. With her powers coming from the Earth and changing with the seasons, she looks to be a serious asset to the team.

Justice League United #0 gathers a diverse group of super heroes to do battle against an alien force in the process of invading the world. Martian Manhunter, Animal Man, Stargirl, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Adam Strange, Solstice, and Supergirl must all combine their unique strengths against the sinister plans of an intergalactic enemy. Can they work together enough to stop the alien's from succeeding with their master plan?

Writer Jeff Lemire takes the action to the cold reaches of his native Canada with promises of space travel along the way as well. He does a good job establishing the basic storyline for the first story-arc of the series entitled "Justice League Canada," which is what the book was originally going to be called before it inherited its present name.

Artist Mike McKone gives Jeff Lemire's narrative and dialogue the visual charisma it deserves. Each panel vibrates with enthusiasm and dynamic colors. He fully captures the energy and passion of each character involved.

Justice League United #0 is rated "T" for Teen. There's nothing out of the ordinary content-wise as far as violence, language, or adult situations is concerned. As a matter of fact, I'm impressed at the modest dress of new female character Equinox. Instead of the usual low-cut leotard with cleavage busting out, she wears a body suit draped over with a cape and hanging skirt in the front.

With its diverse team of super heroes, Justice League United is set up to be an eclectic book. It's ripe for not only external conflict, but internal ones between the contrasting members within the group. If they can just keep up some type of forward momentum with tension and drama, DC could have another hit on their hands.

Justice League United #0 is available now in print and Digital editions.

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